Bone fragment likely not Joan of Arc

December 18, 2006

A rib bone and a piece of cloth supposedly recovered after Joan of Arc was burned at the stake are probably not hers, according to experts trying to unravel one of the mysteries surrounding the 15th century French heroine.

Eighteen experts began a series of tests six months ago on the fragments reportedly recovered from the pyre where the 19-year-old was burned for heresy.

Although the tests have not been completed, findings so far indicate there is “relatively little chance” that the remnants are hers, Philippe Charlier, the head of the team, told The Associated Press on Saturday. read more…


2 Responses to “Bone fragment likely not Joan of Arc”

  1. Kristen Says:

    It’s nice to throw modern technology into this, but there are SO MANY relics floating around that it’s impossible they are all real. One can never test to know for certain whether or not a piece of cloth actually came from Padre Pio’s frock etc. I mean, how many slivers of the real cross are out there? Of course verified relics would be wonderful, but often it’s the spirit that is most important in these matters.

  2. Kristen Says:

    To finish:
    I mean, I’d hate to think the prayers of those inspired by these falsified bones have gone unheard or unheeded.

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