Mr. Schepker graduated from Missouri State University with a BSEd Degree in History. He is certified to teach High School Social Studies.


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  1. October / 2006

    We are interested in learning more about history blogs and in finding ways to promote them. To aid in this effort, we are circulating a small questionnaire and will make the results available in Tapera (in Spanish) and in Digital History Hacks (in English). If you wish to participate, please return the questionnaire to
    Thank you very much.

    William Turkel – Digital History Hacks – Digital History Hacks
    Nicolás Quiroga – Tapera –

    First post (mm/dd/Y):

    1. Which history-related blogs do you visit most frequently? (1-5)
    2. What factors do you think are involved in your choice of blogs to read? (For example: quality of information, writing, institution, author profile, rankings, entertainment value…)
    3. What factors characterize your own blog? Which are most important?
    4. Have you changed the objectives of your blog since you created it?

  2. Donlyn Says:

    Please visit my historical blog at
    we would like to hear from Teachers like yourself on what would be useful for them to use in the classroom. I also have a History B.A. from Colorado State University. I am not totally disabled with a condition called Myasthenia Gravis. So blogging and storytelling have become my passion. My pioneer family history has always been my passion! How can we at Homestead Origins better serve you as a history educator and our students in your classroom?
    –Donlyn Arbuthnot —

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